Meet Paris' most theatrical drag queen

Born and raised in Paris, Mademoiselle Angelique likes to entertain the crowds on the other side of the pond. She is currently a regular host of the VOULEZ-VOUS! Open-mic (London), and is available for hire... Birthday parties, anniversaries, hen do's, stag do's, hag do's... she does them all!

Her most favourite songs include:

Starships; Shout Out To My Ex; Let It Go; Hello; Or simply anything by Beyoncé.



Je militerai avec forces et banderoles contre la culture de l'intelligence jusqu'au jour où Kim Kardashian sera reconnue comme l'Albert Einstein de notre époque.

- Mademoiselle Angélique

(Just use Google Translate, ain't nobody got time for you)

Listen to "Let It Go" by Mademoiselle Angélique: